I started blogging when I worked for a radio station and the manager asked me to write one. At the time I had absolutely no earthly idea what in the world he was asking of me. A Blog? What the hell is that? Seeing that I was in my mid 40’s and I was going through some awkward midlife changes, mentally, physically and emotionally. I leaned towards a midlife blog. For the purely selfish reason of taking all of you along with me on my midlife journey. Through the years you all have stayed true to me. Readers have laughed with me, cried with me, disagreed and agreed. We have all scratched our heads wondering… why the hell did no one tell us all this craziness was going to happen to us during our 40+ something years. I enjoyed speaking out loud to you about my emotions, fears and ever-changing midlife madness.

Why the abrupt Forest Gump ending to my Midlife Blogs? Don’t you love that scene of Forest Gump running endlessly then stopping in the middle of a highway only to say, “I’m pretty tired. I think I’ll go home now.” Hysterical. Well, I’m not tired. But I am ready for the next phase and feeling a different calling. This blog was about me getting through my 40-something years. I will be entering a new decade in 2017 and I am very excited! There is a bucket list I have worked on for a few years. I am plowing through my check list pretty well. I admit I still have fears to conquer to meet some goals on my bucket list.  One thing I have learned in midlife is I am not a quitter and I have no time for fear. I have accepted that some things in life are just harder than others. I have also learned that I must expect unexpected diversions and work my way through them. Just between you and me the 40-something years were fun but tough. SHIT let’s be honest, they were a bitch.

From the moment I turned 40 in 2007 life became a conundrum… forcing me to grow up.  Yep, extremely overrated this adulthood phase. It was much easier playing house with toddlers in my 30’s, don’t you agree? As I morphed into this midlife woman and taken on a variety of challenges, I discovered something exciting! I like this person I am evolving into. I am a skosh wiser. I am much stronger. I no longer deal with unwanted baggage, that includes everything and everyone high maintenance and/or negatively possessed. God took some dear friends along the way that I miss terribly, but he also blessed me with a few new ones. Two things I am certain of as I make the next turn… I love the people I have surrounded myself with and I love life. I am blessed with a great support system of family and girlfriends to deal with the heavy lifts and turns that come my way.  This my friends is what makes the future attractive and attainable. I have learned to forgive more… not an easy task when I was younger.  Ahhhh I still suck at forgetting what I am forgiving, but I am trying, a work in progress after all.

What I have taken away from writing during my midlife years:

We need to take care of ourselves, I mean really take care of ourselves as we get older. That is the only way to love yourself and be happy. Working to just pay bills, eating to just live,  and going through life doing for others only will kill you. Eat, taste, savor and cherish every bite of life, food and experiences. Cheat and Splurge – some days enjoy the finer things life has to offer. Run away with friends and do silly stuff… just because. Reach out to friends who have gone silent they need you, midlife can be hard knocks. Drink lots of water, play hooky, don’t be so serious and have good sex… I mean really good sex. Fear is a waste of time, you will fall, fail and crash, no doubt about it. Hell, plan on it!  Just lean on anyone and everyone to get back up! Keeping up with the Joneses and always wanting what you don’t have…(I’m yawning) waste of time. Trust me you don’t want anyones shit, and it’s almost a guarantee that the Joneses are a hot mess like the rest of us. Living in the past… well you will be there alone. Time and opportunity is the future and I truly believe to look back means missing all that God has waiting for you today. Stop trying to be in charge of everything… LET GO. The more you micromanage everyone around you the more alone you will be… Stop It. Have Faith… Everything can be done  a million and one ways and everyone has  their own normal. Let -It -Go. We can’t be everything to everyone. Not to mention most often amazing miracles and surprises come out of the most imperfect situations. Life is messy. You will never enjoy it trying to make it perfect. Love your body, you can’t have that old one back again. If you want a new one then do something about it. For me it is my forever fight as a shrinking 5 foot woman. I will grow old knowing I will mostly eat green healthy crap. After a few glasses of wine I will give in and dive into something sweet. It is my roller coaster and I’m not getting off this ride. It is what it is… My Groundhog Day.

Thank you for letting me share a bit of me as I worked through all the changes in my 40’s. I felt like you all were with me laughing out loud. I do not know what my/our 50’s will bring. Maybe I will come back with a Vlog, a Podcast or a Television segment sharing life in my Fifties and Flaunting it! That being said, in 2017 I am taking a break to see where my heart leads me. I am so excited to lay a new foundation in my 50’s so I can tear down even more barriers in my 60’s. Stay in touch. You can always reach out to me through Facebook. I have a sneaky suspicion I have a wild ride waiting for me in the next decade. And you know me… I wouldn’t dare take that ride alone and not share it with all of you!

God Bless… Love,

Matuschka Lindo

Keep looking forward so you don’t miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka’s Midlife… Telling it like it is…

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